Your Room

Your luxurious room is complete with nearly everything you need to unwind, including a Keurig to brew your morning coffee or tea, luxurious Malin & Goetz bath products, and plush Frette sheets, towels, and bathrobes. The convenient additions continue with a refrigerator, personal safe, complimentary Wi-Fi connection, iron & ironing board, hairdryer, LED makeup mirror, and more. 

If you forgot something small but essential, like a mask, charging cord, or a toothbrush, please give us a call at the Front Desk – we’d love to help!

Below you will find details and instruction on some elevated features and functions of your guestroom experience.


In case you haven’t figured it out already… you must use your key to access your guestroom floor and Roof, our private club. Safety is our top priority and all guests must be registered to access guestroom floors. When heading up to your room, hold your key up to the magnetized circle above the numbered floor buttons in the elevator before pressing the floor number.


How to work your spa shower… 

Your room is equipped with the most sophisticated spa shower technology including a shower wand, shower head, and a center ceiling rainfall system. 

Shower Wand The handle is located closest to the glass door. There is a push button under this handle that will turn the shower wand off and the shower head on. Turning the handle clockwise turns the water on– the more you turn it clockwise, the hotter it becomes. 

Rain Fall The handle closest to the shower tile wall. Turning the handle clockwise will turn the rainfall on– the more you turn it clockwise, the hotter the water becomes. When you turn the rainfall on, it will begin to rain in the center. After 30-60 seconds it will expand, and you will be submerged in the full rainfall experience.

In the middle of both the shower handles there is a large button for the center rainfall. If you want the rainfall to shower more volume of water in the center, you can push the large button and hold it for 10-20 seconds then let go.  

Lastly, to turn the shower off, turn handles counterclockwise all the way. Be aware the rainfall will still drain and could take up to 2 minutes to turn off completely.  


There is a fireplace switch next to the tv. Press up once to hear a beep sound and wait for a two-minute delay. Once finished using the fireplace, press down once on the switch. If the power button is pressed and the fire does not ignite after a two-minute delay, it’s recommended to call the front desk to call engineering to assist. 


In every room, we have a safe for you to store your personal belongings. To lock the safe: Close the safe door and enter a four-digit code. Press the lock button. To unlock the safe: Re-enter the four-digit code. Please leave the safe door open upon checkout!


You’ve escaped the everyday stresses of your life – now is the perfect time to catch-up on your favorite binge-worthy shows with the windows wide open to welcome the refreshing river breezes. Your guestroom television is complete with Chromecast connection to make it is simple to access your streaming accounts.

Chromecast Set-Up: Download or Open the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet. While installing, place your room service order, and connect your device to the Chromecast connection by pairing the Wi-Fi. That’s it! Kick back and relax on your plush Frette bedding until your order arrives, and your movie marathon commences.


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