Live Entertainment

Odette’s isn’t your average hotel bar; it’s a trek through New Hope history and cabaret, stylishly evoking the vibrant personality of Odette Myrtil. Today, her spirit lives on through live performances from local musicians.


Saturday, March 25 | Bob Egan
Sunday, March 26 | Michael Andrew
Monday, March 27 |Alex Otey
Tuesday, March 28 | Cara Cartney
Wednesday, March 29 | Megan Knight
Thursday, March 30 | Gina Corso
Friday, March 31 | Maci Miller Duo

BRUNCH 11:30AM – 2:30PM

Saturday, March 25 | Russell Norkovich 
Sunday, March 26 | Dave Dales Duo 

ROOF 9:00PM – 12:00AM

Saturday, March 25 | Joanna Caruso
Thursday, March 30 | Cara Cartney
Friday, March 31| Jonathan Daddis Duo

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