Pennsylvania, with its rich history, distinct seasons, and low living costs, offers a comfortable lifestyle. Hotels and resorts in New Hope, PA offer affordable stays, without compromising on quality or comfort. No wonder, the global luxury hotel market generated $15,535 million in 2015 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4% to reach $20,442 million by 2022, according to figures released by Allied Market Research.

Luxury lifestyle hotels, with their seamless design, exceptional services, and breathtaking setting, amid the lap of nature, take your stay to a whole new level. Your hotel requirements might differ from place to place but take a look the basics that should be part of your checklist when choosing a hotel in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

The Appearance

From the exterior to the interior, top hotels usually have awe-inspiring architecture. Urban-inspired designs, integrated with bold fixtures and residentially-inspired guestrooms, offer the perfect place to relax, according to an article by River House at Odette’s. Look for a riverfront property for the fresh natural breeze to combat the humid climate of Pennsylvania. A pretty rooftop restaurant can help you savor the scenic surroundings of Lambertville or New Hope, while you satisfy your tastebuds.

Event Facilities

If you wish to organize an event at a luxury hotel, make sure that it is able to accommodate your guest list and is equipped with a range of cuisines and cocktails. Enquire if there is a team of professional planners to help you create a memorable experience for you and your guests. In fact, if you wish to host your next monthly corporate event, check the meeting rooms. Make sure there are adequate boardrooms, with all the equipment you need to make your event a success.

Convenient Access

Towns like New Hope offer plenty of places to visit like the Delaware Canal, New Hope Historical Society, and Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve where you can make the most of the sunny weather, according to an article on Expedia. Therefore, consider choosing a lifestyle hotel that has easy access to seasonal adventures. In fact, when searching for the perfect lifestyle hotel to book your stay at, research communities, local galleries, or historical locations that are within walking distance, for you to explore the area to the fullest.

Staying in a luxury hotel is a fantastic experience, due to the countless benefits they offer, such as comfortable suites, just the right ambience, in-house bars and security, according to an article on TravelAndDestination. They are a great value and offer impressive services, from check-in to check-out.

When visiting River House at Odette’s, guests are often fascinated by the history of the surrounding Bucks County community. Located along the route of Old York Road, New Hope is a year-round destination offering a wide selection of music, art, and history-related experiences. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, there are plenty of recreational activities as well as dining options, wineries, antique stores, and Delaware River hotels such as the luxurious new River House at Odette’s.

Read on for a brief history of New Hope, PA, and all that this quaint area has to offer.

The Origins of New Hope

Nearly 10,000 years ago, the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans made their way along the Delaware River in search of land, forests, and water, with many settling in what is now known as New Hope, PA. Much later, during the early part of the 18th century, New Hope was established when a man by the name of William Penn approved a sale of land to Robert Heath to build a mill and form a village.

The Revolutionary War 

New Hope was exposed to increased exposure during the American Revolutionary War when General George Washington marched through the town, spending the night there with his troops to prepare for the Battle of Trenton, where he defeated the Hessian forces. Today, you can visit the Revolutionary War sites where these events took place, including the Washington Crossing State Park, and trek to other nearby historical sites in Mount Airy, Hopewell Borough, Cranbury, and Englishtown.

Transportation Hub

Due to its prime location on the banks of the Delaware River, New Hope has been a significant transportation hub for nearly all time. From the time that the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans settled it, the quaint town has served as a stopover for stagecoaches, canal boats, trains, trolleys, and automobiles journeying to and from New York. The adjacent 60-mile long Delaware Canal was also used to transport coal and lumber, with as many as 100 barges passing through each day. An interesting fact, the footprint where River House at Odette’s now stands was originally home to an overnight stop for those workmen transporting materials down the rolling river.

Tourism and Modern-Day New Hope 

New Hope remains an active community and tourist destination, home to dozens of art galleries, antique shops, museums, historic buildings, luxury-lifestyle hotels, and meeting venues. It’s a beautiful place to explore whether you’re visiting for a corporate retreat, family vacation, romantic getaway, posh wedding, or special event with amazing new experiences debuting regularly, including River House at Odette’s, as well as a farm-to-table restaurant, market, and brewery.

Are you planning a visit to New Hope, PA? Be sure to book your stay at our luxury-lifestyle hotel in Pennsylvania for a trendy yet historical experience along the Delaware River. Book your stay online or call (215) 682-2022.


Nestled in eastern Pennsylvania, on the banks of the Delaware River, New Hope is a vibrant and cheerful town. Expedia has ranked it among the top tourist destinations, given its cultural attractions and gorgeous landscapes. Luxury lifestyle hotels with residentially inspired guestrooms, modern amenities and breathtaking views make your trip unforgettable, say experts at River House At Odette’s.

The fall and winter months make for the perfect time to enjoy an array of activities. Have a look at how to make your visit to New Hope memorable.

Vibrant Nightlife

Fall and winter brings cool temperature nights. You can relish hearty, warming cocktails like a classic Manhattan and delectable dishes until late night hours at the elegant pubs and bars here. Your holiday will be incomplete without trying various types of beer, eclectic cuisine, and some bold American flavors.

Canal Walks

The crushed red stone trail stretches for 20 kms. It is smooth and well-paved, and just perfect for a cool, romantic stroll with your partner. The weather remains pleasant for running and biking without sweating profusely. You can also rent a bicycle, hike, browse through the shops or enjoy a guided walking tour, according to an article on Smarter Travel.

Classic Meals

Restaurants offer delicious foods ranging from French pastries to sparkling wines to distinct cuisines and more. You can also enjoy classic meals like pizza, burgers and pastas at the quaint outdoor restaurants here in New Hope. Experience the lay of the land like a local this season!

Retail Therapy

The town is lined with boutiques selling collectibles and antiques. Take your pick from shops offering unisex European fashion, household items, jewelry, pottery and gifts, according to an article on Visit Bucks County. New Hope’s Main Street is the best place for a fun shopping spree, just in time to start gift hunting for the holidays.


The Bucks County Playhouse hosts live music gigs and classic plays. It is one of the most entertaining places to visit in New Hope, especially with the return of their Bucks County Comedy featuring local stand-up comics. You will need to check the Bucks County Playhouse website regarding COVID rules, regulations, and hours.

Day Trip

Don’t miss a journey on a vintage train from New Hope to Lahaska. This 45-minute narrated ride will take you through the breathtaking rolling hills and valleys of the countryside.

All in all, you do not want to skip out on visiting this sweet and quaint town. Visit New Hope during the scenic fall and winter for a unique experience, filled with culture, outdoor activities, shopping, and diverse dining selections.

What should a wedding venue include?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want to make your beginning as husband and wife a bold one. The most critical decision in setting the tone for your wedding ceremony & reception is the venue you select. Here are a few things that a perfect wedding venue should offer:

How far in advance should you book a wedding venue?

It is important to understand that selecting a wedding venue can be a lengthy process. There are many factors to consider in planning this momentous occasion, including your budget, guest list, personal décor preferences, and convenience of access for your guests. Finding a venue that accommodates all of your needs can take time, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding with a picturesque ceremony backdrop.

Remember that while your love is unique, other couples may be considering the same date as you are. It would be best if you planned to start looking for your venue at least nine months before your desired wedding date and up to two years in advance for some of the most sought-after venues.

What types of wedding venues exist?

Weddings can take many forms, shapes, and sizes. From beach ceremonies to formal church services, banquet halls to trendy hotels, there is an abundance of venue options for you to consider. While there is no “right” choice, there is a perfect choice for you.

Close your eyes and picture the moment you say, “I do,” envision yourself sweeping across the dance floor with your newly pronounced life-partner, hear the cheers as you cut the cake. Once your vision is complete, start your search for a venue that provides you with everything you’ve dreamed of. A few factors to consider no matter what style of venue you select:

Organizing these details & working with a venue that employees an experienced planning team will ensure that your wedding day is an unforgettable celebration of your love.

How do you plan a wedding at a hotel?

Planning a wedding can be challenging, but planning a wedding at a hotel doesn’t have to be, especially if the hotel employs a professional wedding coordinator to help you coordinate the details. Here are some simple ideas to make the process worry-free:

The perfect venue will make your wedding day an unforgettable one for everyone who attends it, and River House at Odette’s is a luxurious new option for couples searching for an east coast venue.

In recent years, more and more businesses have begun to host off-site corporate retreats to attain the multitude of benefits they can provide, such as forging team bonds, rewarding employees for achieving goals, and building essential skills. Picking the right location is critical, as you want a destination that is accessible, affordable, and accommodating but also relaxing for your employees.

An excellent east coast destination that offers all of these benefits plus more is New Hope, Pennsylvania. Located in Bucks County, this historic town offers a variety of meeting spaces, exciting attractions for team building exercises, unique shopping, and dining opportunities, and relaxing accommodations.

Below you’ll find tips to make your corporate retreat in New Hope a success.

Stay at River House at Odette’s for Your Corporate Event

River House offers an exquisite setting for your corporate retreat. This all-new luxury-lifestyle hotel in Bucks County, PA, features beautiful riverfront views, cutting-edge event spaces, and residentially inspired guest rooms which offer the comforts of home complemented by unparalleled amenities. Both meeting spaces and guestrooms are flushed with natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, which are guaranteed to keep employees engaged and motivated throughout the day, with blackout options are available for boardroom presentations.

Enjoy the Trails, Parks and Nature Centers

Being outdoors can inspire employees to think outside the box & be creative. The great trails, parks, and nature centers in the area provide a perfect opportunity for team-building exercises that are sure to make your team more productive when you return to your afternoon sessions. One, in particular, is the Delaware River Valley, which offers up exciting activities like canoeing, kayaking, tubing and rafting that require your team to exercise skills not generally expected of them in the office, while also reinforcing clear communication practices and trust among teammates!

Visit Bucks County Playhouse

Another artful and inspiring option for entertainment in New Hope is the Bucks County Playhouse, known as “America’s Most Famous Summer Theater.” The Playhouse’s productions run from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with special performances throughout the year, and often feature famous Broadway performers. Check their website often for updates, as new shows pop-up regularly.

Dine and Relax Along the River

While meals during meetings can sometimes be hectic, taking a break for a formal meal is a wonderful opportunity to make non-work-related connections among teammates. Team members, particularly new ones, will have a chance to talk about their dining preferences, hobbies, and families, and forge deeper bonds because of it. Formal meals are also a great opportunity to recognize employees for a job well done with a toast or Employee of the Month award.

River House at Odette’s has three distinct dining destinations for your team to enjoy, including an urban-inspired piano lounge, a classic yet contemporary indoor-outdoor restaurant with breathtaking views, and a private rooftop bar perched five stories above the surrounding landscape. When the fun is over, employees are only steps away from their well-appointed rooms, eliminating the need to coordinate additional travel arrangements.

Get Your Blood-Pumping with a Ghost Tour

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a spooky thrill? The Ghost Tours of New Hope bring people through a journey of New Hope’s haunted past, including the ghost of Aaron Burr and the phantom hitchhiker. The tours run from June through November and are the perfect addition to any Fall retreat.

New Hope is filled with fantastic corporate retreat opportunities to suit any team dynamic, and our team of planning professionals will make it simple to bring your vision to life. For more information on taking advantage of the corporate meeting accommodations at River House, contact us today.



If you plan on hosting your wedding in New Hope, Pennsylvania, there’s a good chance that you dream of having an elegant, vintage-inspired wedding. New Hope lies on the west bank of the Delaware River, offering exceptional views and a combination of quaint, small-town charm, and edgy vibes. If you plan on getting married in New Hope, there are special considerations you’ll want to make. Follow this guide to keep on track with a beautiful and memorable New Hope wedding.

Select Your Setting and Theme

An urban-inspired lifestyle meets romantic riverside views in New Hope, meaning that your wedding can take on almost any theme. You can get married at a classic wedding venue or in a modern luxury hotel overlooking the river, in a church, or among the wildflowers. Narrow down the specific setting you want and book early, keeping in mind that the time of year will affect your scenery. Ask your wedding consultant for photos from past weddings to get a better idea of what the venue will look like for your selected date.

Deliver a Culinary Experience

Whether a seated affair or an elegant buffet, you can create a dining experience in which your guests will enjoy a meal that has been tailored to your tastes. With seasonally inspired menus and custom cocktails featuring locally sourced spirits, guests will share a night of culinary treats and temptations complemented by unparalleled views & refreshing river breezes.

Ensure Your Guests are Comfortable

If you’re having a destination wedding, additional planning is needed to ensure that you & your guests enjoy the day. You’ll want to arrive a few days before the event so you can finalize the last-minute details and decompress from the stress of travel. You’ll also need comfortable accommodations for your guests, which is why a romantic, river view wedding venue in PA is a great option. Guests can enjoy everything from one convenient location – from the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception to the after-party and, and of course, sleeping.

It’s also a nice gesture to give your guests a welcome bag that includes an itinerary for the weekend, ideas of things to do in the area, and mini wedding essentials like Advil and water. Because guests are enjoying an extended stay, you want them to feel comfortable and have everything they need to make the most of the celebration.

Reserve Your Wedding at River House

River House provides exceptional wedding experiences for couples. Begin your day with a riverside ceremony and end it in our beautiful open-concept ballroom for a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. And don’t sweat the details, a dedicated wedding consultant from our team will provide continuous support, help you coordinate vendor deliveries, and offer local resources for florals, spa experiences, and more. Contact us today to reserve a date for your New Hope wedding.

New Hope, PA has over 200 years of history. It has always been a popular place to visit thanks to its small-town charm complemented by big city amenities. Thanks to recent development in the area, the riverfront town has grown even more attractive to locals and visitors alike.

If you’re planning a trip to New Hope next year, be sure to pay a visit to River House at Odette’s. Debuting in the spring of 2020, this New Hope luxury lifestyle resort will make you feel like royalty – even if just for a weekend.

Residentially Inspired Guestrooms and Suites

We believe that when you stay at a hotel, you should have all the comforts of home with the added luxury of amenities fit for a king or queen. River House offers residentially inspired guestrooms and suites that offer unparalleled features, including spa-inspired baths, elegant white duvets, luxury Frette sheets, and tufted leather headboards.

Many of the rooms also include balconies with water or mountain views. Sip on a cup of coffee from your personal gourmet coffee bar while enjoying the beautiful sunrise. Not sure which one of our guestrooms is right for you? We’ll help you choose between The Queen, The King, The Suite and The Penthouse – each one more spectacular than the next.

Central Location for Work and Play

People travel to New Hope for various reasons, such as family vacations, weddings, and corporate retreats. River House’s central location makes it a great place for all getaways. First, there is plenty to enjoy at our luxury hotel in Pennsylvania, including our well-appointed piano lounge, 1970s-inspired rooftop bar, and Odette’s dining room which will serve delectable meals and signature cocktails.

Second, just a short walk or drive takes you to many other activities and attractions in New Hope. For example, you can catch a performance at the historic Bucks County Playhouse, just a 10 minute walk or a 2 minute drive from River House. New Hope’s Main Street is just a few minutes further and offers unique shops and boutiques that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lifestyle Hotel – Boutique Charm with World-Class Amenities

River House is a luxury lifestyle hotel. We draw in boutique elements – reclaimed architectural features, flowing fabrics, bold fixtures – and pair them with the amenities that world-renowned hotels offer. No matter what brings you to New Hope – work, travel, or family – we invite you to stay with us for an unforgettable getaway.

As a premier New Hope, PA luxury hotel, River House offers numerous spaces for the perfect social settings, such as our restaurant, lobby and piano lounge. We also reward loyal customers with perks, like our members-only rooftop bar that offers breathtaking views of New Hope and Lambertville. While each stay with us is memorable and unique, our quality and service remain consistent.

So, what are your travel plans for 2020? If you plan on visiting New Hope, PA, be sure to book your stay with the new resort in town – River House.

Many don’t know that Bucks County is one of Pennsylvania’s original three counties. It’s tucked away within the rolling hills and working farms of the countryside. When visiting the area, you can enjoy historical sites, scenic vineyards, picturesque countryside towns, gourmet dining, and boutique shops. It’s no wonder why Bucks County is a top travel destination for friends, families and couples!

If you plan on staying at a hotel in Bucks County, here are some must-see local attractions that come highly recommended.

Fonthill Castle

Fonthill is a concrete castle that was built in the early 20th century by Henry Chapman Mercer. It’s one of three parts of the Mercer Mile, one of the most famous things to do in Bucks County.

Fonthill is located on the outskirts of Doylestown and is open for tours. People who visit say it’s one of the most impressive homes in the country. With its large size, towering concrete walls, mural decorations, and unique architecture, Fonthill deserves a spot at the top of your list.

Moravian Pottery and Tile Works

The second part of Mercer Mile is Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, also built by Mercer. The exterior looks like a Spanish monastery, while the inside features a workshop for producing tiles. Today, you can take a tour and watch artisans create Moravian tiles in the same way they were produced a century ago.

Mercer Museum

The last stop on the Mercer Mile is the Mercer Museum. It is a six-story reinforced concrete castle designed by Henry Mercer and completed in 1916. Today, it is one of Bucks County’s premier cultural attractions and a Smithsonian affiliate. The museum complex features local and national traveling exhibits, as well as a core museum collection of over 50,000 pre-Industrial tools—considered one of the world’s most comprehensive portraits of pre-Industrial American material culture.

Kids’ Castle

If you’re planning a family trip to Bucks County, pay a visit to the newly renovated Kids’ Castle in Doylestown Central Park. It’s free, so you can make a quick stop before heading onto something else. The park is recommended for children 5-12 and features eight stories of fun and adventure, including a twisty slide, treehouse, rocketship, and toddler promenade.

Washington Crossing Historic Park

One of the most well-known parts of the Revolutionary War is when George Washington and his army cross the Delaware River on Christmas Day. This historic site is preserved at Washington Crossing Historic Park, with reenactments held on Christmas each year. For added fun, take a quick drive over to Bowman’s Hill Tower where you can see spectacular views of the Delaware River Valley.

9/11 Memorial Garden of Reflection

The 9/11 Memorial Garden of Reflection is a tribute to the lives that were lost on 9/11. All 2,973 names are etched in glass and twin-lighted fountains. Each year on this date, the memorial hosts a remembrance ceremony.

Peace Valley Lavender Farm

Peace Valley Lavender Farm is a remarkable sight in the months of June and July when the lavender bloom. The farm is open year-round and offers a huge assortment of lavender-inspired gifts, including home products, culinary products, and dried florals.

As Bucks County has so much to offer, this is one getaway that won’t disappoint. Be sure to book your stay at a hotel that puts you in the heart of it all – The River House at Odette’s. Debuting in the spring of 2020, the hotel is situated along the riverfront in New Hope, and with breathtaking views and a hip vibe, it’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy a cocktail, and take in the culture and history that surrounds you.

photo: Francis Valocchi

With New Hope’s big-city amenities and small-town ambiance, this area has become an attraction for the modern-day traveler, whether for business or pleasure.  In fact, Travel + Leisure magazine named New Hope as one of “America’s Favorite Towns.” As if New Hope wasn’t already amazing on its own, it’s getting better thanks to the Riverfront Revitalization Strategic Plan that was introduced in 2008.

Under this plan, several new businesses and restaurants are expected to come to this area, including a new luxury lifestyle hotel – River House at Odette’s. Debuting in the spring of 2020, this fantastic addition to New Hope has generated new development that is currently taking place.

Check out some of the development happening in New Hope, and the hotel that is behind it all.

River House at Odette’s

River House will debut next spring and is the first luxury lifestyle hotel serving residents and visitors in New Hope. The hotel features beautiful views of the Delaware River and utilizes natural reclaimed materials, a vibrant jewel tone color palette, local art, curated furnishings and a mix of soft fabric and fine finishes to complete the design. It will be home to 36 guest rooms and suites as well as private dining rooms, conference meeting areas and a ballroom for weddings and events up to 200 guests.

The reason why the River House has spurred new growth in the New Hope area is simple. It is where elegance meets the elements. First, the luxury hotel introduces an elegant, urban-inspired look and feel that businesses desire for off-site meetings and conferences. It’s current, refreshing and modern. A perfect example is the piano bar and members-only rooftop lounge. Thinking about getting married soon but not sure where to celebrate this joyous occasion. Don’t worry, we got it covered! The River House is now booking weddings for fall 2020. The perfect destination for couples who are about to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Curious about the other businesses in this area?  Here are some can’t-miss venues that deserve a date on your calendar.


Stella is a farm-to-table restaurant run by Chef Jose Garces. The menu features American classic dishes with Garces’ twist, such as spaghetti pie, ricotta fritters, and dark chocolate fondant. This new restaurant was announced in 2016 and is part of New Hope’s master plan. Certainly, a long time coming, but definitely worth the wait.

Bucks County Children’s Museum

The Bucks County Children’s Museum recently expanded its space in an effort to drive more tourists to the attraction. Roughly 30 percent of their overall summer attendance comes from outside the region, so the museum is currently hosting a #BucksKidsGoBig photo contest on Instagram. This 10,000 square foot museum features award-winning attractions and is best suited for kids ages 1-7.

Ferry Market

The Ferry Market offers a unique collection of food vendors that serve gyros, deep-dish buns, and fresh cheeses and meats. The list of vendors changes, so there is always something new to discover. Plus, the Ferry Market has extended summer hours and First Firework Fridays.

Great Barn Brewery

The Great Barn Brewery is the first farm microbrewery in Bucks County. It embodies a farm-to-glass concept that utilizes ingredients from the soil. The taproom is open on the weekends, where you can enjoy a great selection of beers on tap, from oatmeal stouts to IPAs to Pale Ales.

Bucks County Playhouse

The Playhouse has been a staple of Bucks County for decades, ever since it opened in 1939. One of America’s most famous regional theaters, many legendary actors have delivered performances at this coveted hall, including Liza Minnelli, Robert Redford, Jessica Tandy, Angela Lansbury, Alan Alda, and more. If you are a fan of the performing arts, you cannot miss out on seeing a show at this cultural landmark.

Logan Inn

Established in 1727 and known as one of America’s oldest continually operated inns, the Logan Inn has been a staple of New Hope ever since its inception. With numerous events hosted annually, this is a great place to spend a couple of nights and experience history in an authentic way. It’s also a great location to host private groups or corporate retreats.

New Hope is getting a new look – and this is just the beginning. To join the mailing list for The River House and keep up to date with the progress of this up and coming area, visit us at