Embracing History

A long and storied history surrounds the gateway to New Hope where The River House at Odette’s will soon stand…

The original River House, built to serve boatmen on the Delaware River in 1794, was a favorite stopover for an evening of drinking and gambling before laying down for a good night’s rest. When the Delaware Canal opened in 1830, the River House thrived as at landing spot for coal barges making their way to New York, but as the coal industry stagnated, so too did the flow of traffic through the doors, forcing the establishment to shutter its doors.

Nearly a century later, New Hope experienced a resurgence of tourism as elite artists and actors created a culturally driven community, and soon after, the site of the River House became the town’s first hotel. Recognizing a need for elegant accommodations in the area, former screen star Odette Myrtil Logan purchased the lackluster hotel in 1961, renamed it Chez Odette, and transformed it into a landmark French bistro complete with live Parisian-style entertainment, including a cabaret and piano bar.

Today, The River House at Odette’s will thrive again weaving the rich history of its predecessors and the unique culture of the surrounding community into a lively new incarnation to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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